The Octopus Ace

Future Proof Your In-Motion Weigh Price Labeling And Checkweighters With The Octopus Ace

The Octopus Ace is the new, fully automated standard to weigh, price, label and track your product line. It’s time to incorporate the power of our innovative software and advanced technology to increase your throughput productivity.

Good Luck Finding An Octopus As Attractive As This!

We know a thing or two about packaging systems, and felt the time had come to craft the ultimate machine—and it’s easy on the eyes as well! The Octopus Ace doesn’t get by simply on looks alone, though.  Let’s discuss just what this beauty has to offer:

  • Full Modular Stainless Steel Structure—This octopus is built to last!
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Force Restoration Technology—Accurate, repeatable weighing results of up to 120 packs per minute.
  • Multiple Upper & Lower Printers—Proven time saving print and apply technology.
  • Easily Programmable Speeds—Variable belt speeds customized per job.
  • 19” Touch Screen—Easily view relevant production and line information; labels and product images displayed per item.
  • Product Tracking—Quickly trace your run by product, number and usage.
  • Complete Reporting—Review production rates, totals and diagnostics right at the source.
  • Security Settings—Configurable access levels per individual users.
  • Easy Maintenance—Removable conveyer makes cleaning a snap.
  • Simplified System Linking—Connect to ERP systems through an open interface using the latest XML technology.

Admit it, you’re intrigued. To schedule your free demo, email us at or call 704.471.2200. Learn more about the full line of additional options available to take your Octopus Ace to the next level!

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